Yo’ Crazy, Yoplait!

This commercial sucks:

A woman goes to a tailor to have her clothes taken in.  She tells the lady behind the counter why her clothes need altering by going on and on about the sinfully delicious yogurt she’s been eating. “It’s all the pie (flavors) I’m eating,” she gleefully exclaims! The tailor, confused by the dessert-only diet, asks if she doesn’t actually mean that her clothes need to be let out?  They banter back and forth about “in” and “out” before Piemouth steps back from the counter and says, “In!,” while motioning to her body as if to say, “what more proof do you need, dummy!”

If the commercial ended there it would be fine—the tailor should look at the bitch and be able to recognize that she must mean “in” because she’s so effing skinny, which makes sense given the underlying message.  BUT THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN.

After the narrator tells us that with so many delicious flavors to choose from, it only *tastes* fattening, we’re brought back to the tailor’s shop where she proceeds to ask her customer one more time if she really means to have her clothes let out instead of taken in.  To which our witty waif responds, “Ok, I was just outside, and then I came in…so (motions with hands inward)…”

Am I smoking crack?  Shouldn’t her body be the proof that her clothes need to be taken in?  I mean if you’re going to the trouble of having someone take your clothes in, doesn’t that insinuate you’ve lost a noticeable/substantial amount of weight?  If the fat tailor looks at you and thinks, “Actually, chunky, you need these babies let out,” how in the hell does that promote your low calorie diet food?

Someone really needs to be fired over at Yoplait.


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